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Lakyn with his sister, Hayley

Lakyn with his sister, Hayley

30 days of Lakyn Heperi! 

I’m starting one of those 30 day challenges, but the Lakyn version. I made some of these up, so they might be a little boring. Eeeep. Yeah, bare with me. 

  1. Favourite original song. 
  2. Favourite cover.
  3. Least favourite cover and why?
  4. Favourite video. 
  5. Story of how you heard of Lakyn/when you first heard him/how did you find out about him. 
  6. Your favourite thing to do while Lakyn is playing in the background. 
  7. Favourite tattoo. 
  8. If you met Lakyn, what would you do or say to him?
  9. Favourite photo. 
  10. Have you seen/met Lakyn?
  11. Favourite lyrics of Lakyn’s original. 
  12. If you could ask Lakyn one thing, what would it be?
  13. Explain the way you feel when you listen to Lakyn. 
  14. If you could go on ONE date with Lakyn, where would you go/what would you do?
  15. Who would you like Lakyn to do a duet with?
  16. 5 songs you would like Lakyn to sing to you. 
  17. Sarah/Lakyn or Hayley/Lakyn?
  18. What do you love about Lakyn?
  19. Favourite Instagram picture.
  20. Favourite performance on The Voice. 
  21. Favourite picture with Hayley. 
  22. Favourite picture of Team Joel. 
  23. 5 songs that remind you of Lakyn. 
  24. 5 words you would describe Lakyn.
  25. Favourite tweet. 
  26. Favourite body feature. 
  27. Favourite cover of Bon Iver. 
  28. 5 songs you would want Lakyn to perform on The Voice.
  29. Favourite GIF of Lakyn. 
  30. The first Lakyn video you saw.

P.S. For those who doesn’t know who Hayley is - she’s his girlfriend. So, for day 17, it’s like who do you ship? (who would you like to see as a couple)

"This is just the start" 

It’s definitely not the end of Lakyn, don’t give up hope on him guys! Just look at Matt Corby, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, etc.. All of them didn’t “win”, but they still continue their love for music and kept going and now they’re very successful. Just like Lakyn said himself, “this is just the start”. That is all. Cheers xx. 

Would anyone like to do a 30 day challenge - Lakyn version? 

I’m making one right now :)

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Joel’s team! #teamjoel”

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Joel’s team! #teamjoel”


team joel at their best:)